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Goals for 2015

Posted on: 2.05.2015

We are a month into the year and I haven't posted my goals yet.  I think this is indicative of how busy I have been so far.  First of all, I had a great Christmas and New Year.  On January 3rd my little sister got married!  After that, I was sick for about a week.  Once I got better, I finally felt motivated to reflect on the past year and plan for the future.

My first thought about 2014 was not a very positive one.  My biggest disappointment about last year was that we did not save as much as I expected to, but I hadn't considered the rise in health insurance costs (our monthly premiums almost tripled) when I planned how much I was going to save.

When I really thought back about what we did and accomplished, I was impressed.  We did a lot of traveling in 2014 and had a really great time!  I did a great job with being healthy.  I started Pilates reformer classes and I am in love.  After only 5 or 6 classes, I already had the body I wanted.  Now I've been doing it for about six months and I am stronger, leaner, and so much happier with myself.  I have also continued to do barre once a week for my cardio.

My theme of 2015 is going to be SIMPLIFY.  I just want to strip everything down to the essentials, to get rid of the distractions, and focus on the people that I love and want in my life.  I divided my goals up into six areas and honestly I'm just really excited about the year to come.

    1.  Saturday is the only day I will be checking Facebook.
    2.  Sundays are internet free days.
    3.  Have friends over to our house once/month.
    4.  Have girl time once/month.
    5.  Try new diets that work for Jesse.
    6.  Read 2 more books with Jesse for our book club.
    7.  Stick to my budgets for groceries, gas, and "play money."
    8.  Only buy 12 new articles of clothing.
    9.  Wake up without pressing snooze.
    10. Get outside for at least 10 minutes every day.
    11. Read 2-3 business books.
    12. Get long-term care insurance licensed.
    13. Get more advanced PPA training.
    14. Redo closet systems.
    15. Add garage shelves.
    16. Replace shower door.
    17. Move microwave over stove.  Increase my cooking prep space.
    18. Do some landscaping.


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