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Love Story: How We Fell In Love

Posted on: 7.23.2015

When I last left off, Jesse and I had met and he had asked me out over AIM.  A few days after that he was having his 24th birthday party and a large group of us all went to DaRuMa's for dinner.  While we were waiting for our table, I was a bit nervous and told him about the Zumba class I had attended for the first time that morning.  It was very random.  We had a good dinner and then headed to a bar.  Jesse was having a good time and he ended up telling me how much he liked me and gave me a kiss.  It was a little forward for me and I went home not long after that.

Jesse's 24th Birthday - May 2009
All the following week I was not sure if I still wanted to go on our date because of that sloppy kiss!  Again, Brett convinced me to go because Jesse was a really good guy and at the very least I would have a nice dinner. I didn't change our plan and our Friday date continued.

I was off work that day and Jesse gave me a call a few hours before our date saying that his coworker broke the passenger seat belt in his car and asked me if I could drive.  I agreed, but I wasn't very happy about it. (Strike 1)  Jesse did plan a really great date.  He knew I liked art, so he took me to an FGCU art show.  I drove all the way to Estero and on the way there he answered his phone in the car, on our date!  (Strike 2)  We had a fun time at the art show and then I drove us back down to Naples to go to my favorite Thai restaurant.  We had a great dinner and conversation.  I asked him what was next.  We went to the Naples Pier and sat and chatted some more.  While we were there, I saw my first shooting star and thought about how I could see myself marrying him some day.  We also ended the date with our "second first kiss," since Jesse doesn't remember our first one.  Luckily he never got a third strike.  :)

Our First Date - May 2009
It was a really great date and we got along really well.  My mom and I went on a two week trip to England a few days after that and the whole time I couldn't stop thinking about Jesse.  I looked everywhere for a Manchester United shot glass, but could not find one.  As soon as I got back we had another date and then saw each other pretty much every other day after that.  He asked me to be his girlfriend on June 11 after I brought him Dairy Queen when he was sick at home.  He appreciated me coming to see him and I thought him asking me if I wanted to be his girlfriend was so cute as nobody had ever asked me that before.

Jesse and I pretty much fell in love that summer at the beach and over Legos.  I'm not even much of a beach person, but it really does hold a special place in my heart because of our first summer together six years ago.  Once a week we would go to the beach near my parents' house, sit on a blanket, and chat while the sun was going down.  It was so nice getting to know him and his dreams, joys, and fears.

Our First Holiday - July 4th 2009
We also used to have Lego dates to build Star Wars themed shapes.  They were a lot of fun and yes, we are big nerds.

Lego Date I - June 2009

I don't remember one specific moment where I fell in love with him, but by the end of that summer, I knew I wanted to marry him and spend the rest of our lives together.  The first time he told me he loved me was in August of 2009.  It was so sweet and I will remember it forever!

Parasailing Summer 2009

Where In The World Would You Go?

Posted on: 7.16.2015

Ok, so I need your help!  My husband and I are trying to decide where we want to travel to next year.  We've tossed a few ideas around and are definitely leaning one way, but I have a couple questions for you:

Would you want to stuff yourself on culinary delights?  Check out every art museum you can find?  Go on a safari?  Walk a haunted ghost tour?  Take a bike tour?  Attempt a cooking class?  Drink wine straight from the barrel?  Get lost in the crowd?  Relax on a beach?  Sit on a double-decker bus?  Float on an architecture boat tour?  Hike a mountain?  Scuba dive in new waters?

I would love to hear about whatever you would like to do!  If only there was time and money to do it all!  Are you more of a city or country traveler?  If you don't have a dream trip, what have been some of your favorite experiences?  Now that I've been to see Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona (posts to come), I'm trying to figure out what my next dream trip would be.

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