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Chardonnay In Memoriam

Posted on: 9.19.2013

This is a post about my family dog.  He was a West Highland White Terrier named Chardonnay, or Chardy for short.  He lived to the ripe old age of 17 and has been gone for a year.  I love and miss him every day.

This was him after we first got him.  Look how tiny and scared he looks!
I love how cute he was.
See what I mean?
I love how he would let us do ridiculous things, like put him in a box with my sister...
...and on the counter with a turkey...
...and mixed in with my stuffed animals...
...and whatever is going on here.
He wanted us to be together and was sad when we would leave, especially with luggage.
I love how he would always find a comfy place to sleep, like on a pile of laundry...
...or on his favorite perch (sorry we bugged you)...
...or this comfy sun bed.
I love how he would be my companion (or in this case Toto) when I needed him,
but he would usually only give me one chance to snap a picture, so I tried to get it right the first time.
I love how he would pop up in the funniest places in our pictures. (Example 1)
(Example 2)
I love how he could always enjoy a nice warm breeze,
long walks, 
and sunbathing.
But most of all, I just loved how sweet he was!

We love you Chardy!

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