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Loggerhead Turtle

Posted on: 3.22.2012

One morning almost three years ago, my family and I were walking on the beach, with my camera.  We came across a stranded turtle and called for help.  A little bit later, a team arrived to take the turtle to Mote Marina in Sarasota to rehabilitate the turtle.  I submitted a few of my photos to the Naples Daily News and they were published online and in the next day's paper.  It was a bit of a success for me, even if it was just a small one.  And I am happy to report that the turtle made a full recovery and was released back into the wild!

Pi Day!

Posted on: 3.15.2012

The date yesterday was 3/14.  The first three digits of the infinite number of pi is 3.14, therefore nerds all over the United States usually celebrate the day as Pi Day!  I am a nerd so every year I always say I'm going to make a pie, but I never did.  This year I finally made my own pie!  I picked a frozen peanut butter pie because it was pretty easy and it's Jesse's favorite type of pie.  I also made a pizza since it is round like a pie.  So I surprised Jesse with the pizza and the pie and some pi confetti I made.  It was a fun dinner and a silly "holiday" for nerds like me!

What should we wear?

Posted on: 3.08.2012

Picking out outfits for a photo shoot can be a difficult decision.  I believe that the more comfortable people feel in their clothes, the better they look!  I recommend you pick something you love to wear.  It'll be more you and you will feel more comfortable.  If you always wear flip flops, then wear them!  There are a few things to avoid however:
  • Matching outfits and everybody wearing the same color.  It just doesn't look natural and therefore the photos will look forced.
  • Strong graphic patterns.  Anything that takes away from your face is not a good choice.  Strong contrasting stripes, words, or graphic tees will all do this.
  • Less is more and simple is key.
As far as children go, I often think it's fun if you let them pick out their own outfit.  When you look back at your images in years to come you will remember that morning and how your son or daughter just loved those jeans or that dress, or even that Superman cape!

Short answer:  Make sure everyone in your family is wearing something they love and feel comfortable in.  Below is an example of a fun family style.  I can't wait to see what you wear to your session!


Instagram #FebPhotoADay

Posted on: 3.01.2012

I have mentioned before how much I love Instagram on my iPhone.  I think it is a fun app and a great way to take pictures when you don't have a camera on you.  During the month of January I kept seeing people post photos with the hash-tag #janphotoaday.  I was curious and did some internet searching and found the #febphotoaday list created by @fatmumslim (I placed it on the bottom right), so I decided to follow along with the theme of the day.  Each of the photos below was taken on a separate day in the month of February.  You can view my Instagram feed online here, but if you have an iPhone and you want to follow along live my username is @picatoria.

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