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Dreaming on paper

Posted on: 4.12.2012

Look it's Me! Photos by Kallie Brynn Photography

Posted on: 4.06.2012

Happy Friday!  I stumbled across Kallie Brynn Photography via twitter I believe.  I immediately fell in love with her work, and when I saw she lived in Central Florida, I was ecstatic!  When she announced that she was moving to Seattle, I knew I had to work with her before she left and immediately contacted her!  I was in Orlando the first weekend in December and so I stopped by Lakeland on my drive home to Naples for a session with her.  Kallie is the sweetest person and I just love the head shots she captured for me.  She's put a face on Loving Care Photography!  Thank you so much Kallie!  I know if I ever go to Seattle I will be contacting you for another session!

Also, fun tidbit, I got engaged a couple days after these photos were taken!  To see a few more from our photo session, just go to Kallie Brynn Photography's blog post about me.  I can't decide which one is my favorite, what do you think?

Happy One Year!

Posted on: 4.01.2012

A year ago today I officially launched Loving Care Photography!  I can't believe that my business is a year old.  I've had some great success as well as some disappointments.  Overall, I'm glad I took the chance to start something I had always wanted to do!  I know that my business will continue to grow over the next year and beyond.  As my blog readers will have noticed, I am highlighting my film photographs more often than digital photographs.  This is because film really speaks to me.  I am passionate about its colors, its deliberateness, and its overall aesthetic.  Film's natural style is what I try to accomplish in all of my images.  From now on, I will be shooting at least 50% film for my client shoots, and I'm sure this percentage will increase as this year progresses.  I am SO excited about this!  It is the next step in my photography dreams!

This month I'm celebrating the first year of being in business and I want to celebrate your dreams as well.  I am thrilled to be offering a 50% discount on portrait sessions for people reaching for their dreams.  This includes, senior portraits, business headshots, and other one person photo sessions.  That means you can get a one subject full photo-session for $100 if you book your session during the month of April.  Please send me an email to book yours!  This is so exciting and I can't wait to celebrate with you!

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