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Tokyo Day 7: Sayonara!

Posted on: 11.17.2011

Overall my trip to Tokyo was exciting, overwhelming, and fun.  It was a great experience for me to explore such a foreign city as well as bond with my father.  I loved it!  Here is a little slideshow of all of my photos from my trip.  I have also set up a shop to order prints.  Thank you for the great feedback from these posts!

My Tokyo Trip from Victoria on Vimeo.
Song: "Die On The Floor" - Franz Ferdinand

I never would have made this if I hadn't seen "This Is Japan!" by Eric Testroete.

My photos can be seen here in this Flickr album:

Top 11

Posted on: 11.11.2011

1. Jesse - for everything
2. My parents - for love and support, no matter what
3. My sister - for fun and reliability
4. My home - blessed with an amazing city and “little palace”
5. Dancing - always makes me feel good
6. Photography - my creative outlet and my inspiration
7. My job - provides me with money and benefits which allow me to do the things that I really want to do
8. The places I have been able to travel - so many different cultures
9. My country - I’m free to do what I want and start my own business
10. Doing things that scare me - helps me to grow
11. My love for the world!

Tokyo Day 6: Shiodome, Roppongi Hills, Odaiba

Posted on: 11.10.2011

On our final day in Tokyo, we went to the Tokyo Tower.  It is really bright orange!  We didn't go up it, but I ate a banana and chocolate crepe underneath.  We walked around this area and then headed to Roppongi Hills, a mall in Roppongi.  While there, we had a curry udon for lunch from Sugamo Kunaya.  Curry is one of my favorite foods and this did not disappoint!  Afterwards we went to Akihabara to find some neat little electronic.  My dad bought my mom a skinny AM/FM radio.  We then made our way to Shimbashi and took the Tokyo Monorail across Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba.  We walked around, watched the sun set and went back to our hotel to change for our fancy dinner!  My dad and I then went to Tofuya Ukai underneath the Tokyo Tower for a traditional Japanese dinner with many many courses.  My favorites were the deep fried tofu with sweet miso sauce, charcoal-grilled wagu beef, and the steamed soft abalone.  Since it was traditional, the servers wore kimonos and serving was part of the dinner and it was a true art form.  We also had to take our shoes off for the tatami mats and to go to the bathroom, they loan you a pair of traditional wooden sandals.  They were the hardest to walk in and I kept losing them; it must have been a hilarious sight!  A really fun experience!


Posted on: 11.05.2011

I will be out of town from today until November 9th.  I will be responding to any phone calls or emails starting on Thursday November 10th.

This time I am going to Puerto Rico on a family trip!  I have never been before and I'm so excited.  I've heard great things about it and I can't wait to take photos of Old San Juan.  We are also planning on exploring the rainforest and kayaking on a bioluminescent bay!  I can't wait to tell you all about it.  Please let me know if you are going anywhere this holiday season!

Tokyo Day 5: Marunouchi, Shibuya, Harajuku

Posted on: 11.03.2011

Our fifth day in Tokyo was cold and windy!  After watching the sun rise, we started out visiting the Imperial Palace in Marunouchi.  Afterwards we went back to Shibuya and crossed Hachiko Crossing a bunch of times.  It is just so impressive and intimidating and amazing!  We then walked down to Omote-sando and had brunch at Fujimama's.  The food was fantastic: coconut french toast with banana-almond butter with an apple spiced with cinnamon lemonade.  We then went to check out the Japanese cosplayers in Harajuku.  It was really cold, but there were still some people out there.  Around the corner from there was Meiji Shrine.  Massive wooden torii gate leads down a long path.  While at the Shrine we saw a traditional Shinto wedding procession taking place and we learned that the 3 torii gates reduce the shock of going from the physical side to the divine side.  We observed how prayers are done: 1) throw coins into slots, 2) bow twice, 3) clap twice, and 4) pray then bow once.  Afterwards we went in a couple stores to check it out.  Kiddyland was the best - I loved it there!  It is definitely something important to see!  Since it was really cold, we decided to go back to the hotel and have an early dinner at a place called Local India to get our fill of tasty naan bread.  All-in-all, a nice casual day.


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