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Where In The World Would You Go?

Posted on: 7.16.2015

Ok, so I need your help!  My husband and I are trying to decide where we want to travel to next year.  We've tossed a few ideas around and are definitely leaning one way, but I have a couple questions for you:

Would you want to stuff yourself on culinary delights?  Check out every art museum you can find?  Go on a safari?  Walk a haunted ghost tour?  Take a bike tour?  Attempt a cooking class?  Drink wine straight from the barrel?  Get lost in the crowd?  Relax on a beach?  Sit on a double-decker bus?  Float on an architecture boat tour?  Hike a mountain?  Scuba dive in new waters?

I would love to hear about whatever you would like to do!  If only there was time and money to do it all!  Are you more of a city or country traveler?  If you don't have a dream trip, what have been some of your favorite experiences?  Now that I've been to see Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona (posts to come), I'm trying to figure out what my next dream trip would be.


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