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Iberian Dreaming

Posted on: 5.14.2015

We are going to Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon in just two and a half weeks!  I cannot wait!  I have wanted to go to Barcelona since I learned about La Sagrada Familia (above - source) in my Modern Art class in college; it's always been the top of my list of places to go!  My husband is Portuguese, so it has always been a dream for him to go there.  We decided to add on Madrid because it also sounds like an awesome city, and we can tour the Real Madrid stadium.  I am very much looking forward to tapas, paella, sangria, cava, pasteis de nata, seafood, and of course sightseeing!

Things We Will Be Doing

  • Sightseeing
  • Walking
  • Going into churches
  • Museums
  • Flying between cities
  • Going out to dinners
  • Checking out the nightlife
  • Taking siestas (when in Spain!)
  • Going to the beach
  • Eating and drinking

Since the beginning of this year, all I have thought about was packing for this trip.  It'll be quite warm/hot during the days, but the evenings might be a little cool for me, so I will need versatile pieces.  I need clothes that cover my knees and shoulders for church visits but also keep me cool and comfortable with all our walking.  I want easy-to-wear stuff, and I also want to be able to dress it up, so everything needs to coordinate.  I have been scouring Pinterest to check out all of those "Pack for 30 Days in a Carry-On" posts.  While I don't think I will go that minimal, I do want to limit the amount of stuff I am taking, especially because we are traveling between three cities with most likely cobblestone or uneven streets.

Below are a few of the things I know I am bringing:

Spain and Portugal

My color scheme naturally became blue and white, but I hope to spice it up with some pinks and blacks as well.  I really only want to take three pairs of shoes: sneakers, sandals, and flats.  I plan on using the chambray as both a shirt and a cover-up, and bringing a few other cardigans to do the same and mix things up.  I also want to bring a couple dresses and a bikini for those sunny days I know we will have!

What tips do you have for packing light?  Should I bring a pair of heels for the evening?  Any recommendations for food and drink while we are over there?  Please let me know as talking about travel and food are pretty much my two favorite things!


  1. What an amazing trip! I have no idea what you should bring or do while there, but I do love that necklace. Which is no help at all, I understand. ;) Have fun!


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