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Let's Go Red Sox!

Posted on: 10.24.2013

It was the middle of the 8th inning of the final day of the 2010 baseball season.  We were up 8-3 against the Yankees at Fenway Park.  We heard the announcer come on the loud speakers and tell us it was Fan Appreciation Day and to line up to walk the bases after the game. "Wait, what?!  We were really going to get to walk on the field?"  Jesse was freaking out.  One of his childhood dreams and bucket list items was about to come true.  After the Red Sox beat the Yankees, we ran around trying to find people lining up.  "Where do we go?  We can't miss this!"  And then there was a mass of people!  Then we were on the field, touching the Green Monster, running from first base to second to third and finally to home plate.  We took so many pictures to commemorate this amazing opportunity.  That day was one of Jesse's best days ever and we will never forget it.  Go Sox!


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