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My Vision for 2013

Posted on: 1.13.2013

Act for other people.  Making them happy is better.  Be a better friend.  Instead of thinking how they can help me, let me treat them to what they like!  Do good for strangers too.  Don’t sacrifice my own fun and wants but don’t rely on myself so much.  Life is about relationships.  Live in the present.  Celebrate the every day.  Make it fun.  Don’t get bogged down with planning for the future or stuck in the past.  Feeling sorry for myself doesn’t pay off.  Magical things happen when you live in the present.  Jesse comes first.  Always.  Our marriage will be our savior in the future.  Strong marriage, happy life.  Take the time to e active even if it is just for a walk.  Sitting in front of the TV doesn’t help anyone.  Love on Jesse.

Making Things Happen in 2013


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