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Tokyo Day 4: Shinjuku and Ginza

Posted on: 10.27.2011

Unfortunately my camera was out of service for the morning of the fourth day since I had dropped it on the floor at the restaurant the night before.  I was lucky that the only thing that was broken was the battery pack holder AND Nikon is from Japan!  We travelled all over Tokyo by train on this day.  So, we got up early and headed out to Akihabara, aka Electric Town, to look for a replacement part.  We were sent to the Nikon service center in Ginza...which ended up being closed for the whole weekend!  There was only one other Nikon shop in Tokyo -> in Shinjuku.  But before leaving Ginza we headed to Bic Camera, to see if they had the part.  They did not, but a man who spoke perfect English called the Shinjuku store for us and put the part on hold for us.  We were blessed with incredibly nice, helpful, and English-speaking people on this day.  Short story long, we finally bought the $6 part in the Nikon Service Center in Shinjuku.  The views from the building were amazing!  We decided to explore Shinjuku which was so colorful and fun.  We also visited another shrine: Hanazono Shrine.  As we strolled the streets I was on the lookout for used camera stores, but didn't find anything that struck my fancy.  Afterwards we headed back to Ginza and explored the stores and architecture, including the Sony Building and Mikimoto.  The only thing I bought was a cake from Baum Kuchen.  After heading back to our hotel, we had dinner around the corner at an ethnic restaurant called Mangrove Cafe, which was very yummy.


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  2. I am enjoying your blog and the pictures are amazing.


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