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Around The House (Film Part 4)

Posted on: 6.15.2011

This will be my last post on my Explorations in Film series.  I must thank Richard Photo Lab for doing an amazing job developing and scanning my film.  And I never would have even picked up my film camera again if it was not for Jonathan Canlas and The Film Is Not Dead Guide.  In fact, if you are interested in purchasing you can use the coupon code HAPPYCUSTOMER to get $10 off!  I cannot recommend it enough.  Jonathan is a complete open book, plus his work is amazing!  The guide will teach you a lot, whether you shoot digital or film.  I am planning on reading it again since I went to eBay and purchased a professional 35mm film camera: the Nikon F100.  I just finished my first roll and am going to be sending it off next week, so I'll let you know about the results!


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